Creating unparalleled alignment for investors.

We founded Delphia because we believe prosperity should be attainable by anyone. That's why we sought out the smartest, most passionate people we know to create a profitable and principled AI company.


Andrew Peek

Co-founder & CEO

Eranda Bregasi

Head of Research

Ryan Arthur

Chief of Staff

Samuel Dion-Girardeau

Chief Technology Officer

Todd Groth

Head of Data Strategy


Andrea Burton

Director of Finance

Daniel Boulos

Staff Engineer

Elaine Leung

Executive Assistant

Hasan Jafri

Senior Software Engineer

Kevin Yuen

Software Manager

Kieron Banerji

Director of Content & Production

King Chung Huang

Senior Data Engineer

Laurens Coderre

Senior Software Engineer

Luca Scarci

Product Designer

Luciana Gomes

Senior Software Engineer

Omar Fahmy

Senior Software Engineer

Phil Nicolcev

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Rizwan Abbasi

Senior Software Engineer

Rochelle Dmello

Assistant Controller


    Dr. Ajay Agrawal


    Dr. Christian Catalini


    Dr. Michael Zargham

    Systems Architect