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How does delphia work?

Connect your accounts

Every day, you generate data – your behaviours, purchases, your likes and faves on social media, and so much more. Connecting those different sources of information to Delphia allows us to create a smarter way to find emerging investment advantages.

Share your opinions

We’re all opinionated about something! We’ll ask you a handful of questions every day on everything from the economy to whether you prefer cats or dogs. In aggregate, these opinions help to predict where the market will move next.

Help discover trends

Be a frontrunner on the trends that shape our world. You’ll be able to buy into and benefit from trends, just like you would with stocks – but without money. We’ll reward the best trendspotters with investments in the real stock market.

Watch our portfolio get smarter

We combine machine learning, quantitative trading strategies, and most importantly the data that you share with Delphia, to make smarter investment decisions for everyone. Each new member increases our collective intelligence and our ‘unfair’ advantage.