Creating wealth through data

Delphia is a one-of-a-kind company with huge ambitions to expand access to financial prosperity through data. We're doing something here that hasn't been tried before, which means that there's a lot to figure out. We've raised over $80 million dollars to date from some of the best investors in the world and have an expanding membership of people who contribute their data through our apps in order to improve the collective's returns.

Delphia is looking for the best and brightest to join our team and help build something extraordinary. If you have a passion for creative thinking that leads to unconventional problem solving and are interested in building the future of wealth management, we'd love to hear from you.

Our Leadership Principles

Maximal reciprocity

Give more than you take; the problem is bigger than the sum of us

Reason from first principles

Don't prescribe solutions without first exploring the root

Speak truth to power

There is no diversity of thought without the courage to speak

Deliver often

Consistency and cadence will compound over time

Direct your own future

Discover the upper bound of your potential

Do no harm

A never-ending goal we should always be striving for

Mission over culture (over strategy)

Audacious goals require heterogeneous teams


We strive to foster the best work environment for our team and offer only top-notch benefits and perks to all Delphians!

Generous medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage for US and Canada that kicks in on Day One

  • Sun Life and Sequoia One offer first-class plan benefits for all Canadian and US employees, respectively
  • Gym Stipend - $100 monthly stipend for a gym membership or fitness equipment for your home gym or sports hobby
  • Meditation Classes
  • Mental Health Care

Work/life balance is key

  • Generous PTO: 3 weeks of vacation during each of your first 3 years, 4 weeks after your 3rd year, and 5 weeks after your 5th year at Delphia
  • 10 Flex Days Annually
  • Winter Holiday Break — paid in full. This does not affect your personal vacation bank, it's a gift from Delphia
  • Spread the Love — take one day per year to volunteer and let Delphia know how we can support your cause

We care about your life plans as much as your career growth

  • Generous Parental Leave
  • Fertility Assistance

The benefits of working at a finance company

  • Opportunity to invest in Delphia's Hedge Fund (available to all US accredited and Canadian employees)
  • Crypto Payroll - Get paid in cryptocurrency! (Coming soon!)
  • 401K/RRSP
  • Referral Bonus: Have awesome people in your professional network? Delphia offers a $10k referral bonus for every hire

You've got dreams. We'll help you achieve them.

  • Sabbatical: Need to recharge, learn new skills, volunteer - basically do anything outside of work? Delphia offers a 6–12 month Sabbatical after 4 consecutive years at the Company
  • Shoot Your Shot: Have an idea and want to try your hand at entrepreneurship full-time? If you've been at the company for 3 years, Delphia will freeze your 4th year of equity in place and, if you need a rescue exit, put it towards your company's acquisition

We support a fully remote workforce but encourage in-person collaboration

  • Delphia Hubs: Collaborate with your teammates at a co-working space in Toronto, New York, London, and Berkeley
  • Delphia Summit: Company-wide event held in a different location each year
  • Quarterly Town Halls: Held in Toronto, NY or London and virtually
  • Team Retreats: Meet up as a team. Anywhere your budget takes you!
  • Ocean's Eleven Program: Delphia secures an Airbnb somewhere in the world once a quarter for 11 lucky lottery winners. Enter a lottery to win a stay! (Winners cover travel and food, Delphia pays for the Airbnb)
  • Family Dinners: Let's cook together! We gather on Zoom to create some yumminess each week

Have some fun, on us

  • Happy Birthday, Love Delphia — spend up to $250 on your birthday celebration (don't worry you don't have to invite Delphia - you do you, we'll foot the bill)
  • Happy Anniversary! We'll surprise you with a gift each year.
  • Life Milestone, e.g. new baby, graduation, basically anything awesome to celebrate

Delphia Swag

  • We love to spread some good vibes with some awesome Delphia swag of your choice

Our Hiring Philosophy

Delphians are self-directed, intellectually curious, and strong systems thinkers. In building our team, we tailor our interview processes to each role, but have a few constants for how we evaluate candidates:

  • Assess the fit between our values and yours

  • Ask for concrete evidence of your skills

  • Provide concrete evidence of our culture

We count on getting multiple perspectives throughout the process - to help counteract bias - and we actively look for candidates who bring new backgrounds and perspectives to our team. Our processes are always kept as lean and simple as possible so that people don't get excluded due to time or accessibility constraints, and we intend for it to be as much for you to get to know us, as for us to get to know you.

Let's get the conversation started.