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Cameron Westland

What is Delphia?

Delphia is a service that lets you invest in a portfolio that gets smarter over time - powered by artificial intelligence. We use your data to train an AI which then takes care of trading and rebalancing your portfolio for you. For the moment, you can connect both your banking and social media data. Every week that you help train our AI, Delphia adds money to your investment account. By working together, we create an advantage even Wall Street can't stop.

How does it work?

  1. The Goal - Imagine we want to know what Starbucks' sales are likely to be well before the market does. And that we could see everyone's bank transactions as they happen in real time. We would know when someone shops at Starbucks, and how much they spent.
  2. The Prediction - By seeing how much a whole crowd of people spent at Starbucks, we can estimate what Starbucks' total sales will be even before they announce it publicly.
  3. The Decision - If we think Starbucks is likely to surprise the market with higher sales, we buy the stock now and sell it after the market learns the truth and the price goes up.

Delphia is the only investment manager that lets you share your transactions to help build this advantage. When enough people team up, we gain an unfair advantage in the market. We train our AI on your data so we can predict company performance.

What's changing in this release?

The goal of #trends was to engage new investors to invest with a twist: buy and sell #trends instead of stocks. Unfortunately, we missed the mark. #trends felt a little too random for most people and wasn't representative of movements in the stock market.

Our vision is a world where training Delphia with your data helps everyone invest better. With #trends, we weren't quite delivering on that promise.

As a result, we're removing #trends from the app starting today.

We're removing Insights

We launched insights even though we knew it was going to take a while to achieve a critical mass of data to make those insights into predictions. In the meantime, we built insights that were engaging, but only described the world instead of predicting it.

We started by creating survey reports. Every day we'd survey our users on a new story, and then turn around and share the results with them. These reports were a lot of manual work.

To turn the reports into predictions, we would have needed lots of data with rich profiles of everyone who engaged in them.

As a result, we stopped surveys in March and are removing insights from the app for now.

We're changing subscriptions

We launched subscriptions using Apple's auto-renewable subscriptions API. Unfortunately, our roadmap has changed in a way that make it hard to continue using the Apple API. As a result, we're canceling all auto-renewable subscriptions.

In the future, subscription fees will be deducted from your investment account directly by selling a small fraction of the securities in your portfolio.

We made this change in order to introduce a more flexible way to discount everyone's investment fees, which we plan to talk more about in the coming weeks.

What's next for Delphia?

More iOS Features

Today we're launching our new Data Vault, where you connect and store the data you share with Delphia. This is the data we'll use to train our AI so it can better invest on your behalf.

Next, we're going to continue to improve the app so you can manage more of your data and investments, side-by-side.

Improved Portfolios

What makes Delphia so different is that our portfolio gets smarter over time. This is because when you combine everyone's data, you can make better predictions about the future, but also because Delphia has a team of data scientists working around the clock to write algorithms that interpret the data everyone is contributing.

Normally, this kind of approach (typically called "quantitative investing") is only offered to wealthy investors through an expensive hedge fund.

The goal of the hedge fund is to discover "alpha" – an additional return on investment on top of a benchmark, like the S&P 500, that can only be found by possessing information that other players in the market don't have (and knowing what to do with it).

Now, with Delphia, anyone can use an investment strategy that seeks to discover alpha. We're calling the inaugural version of our strategy Alpha 1 and it will be available to investors early next year.

When Alpha 1 rolls out, you'll be able to allocate a certain percentage of your portfolio to it based on your risk tolerance.

Think of this like the people's hedge fund – where real people use their data to create an advantage... for themselves.

Retiring Data Dividends

In an upcoming release, we'll be removing Data Dividends. We no longer feel that it's the best way to reward you for your data. Data Dividends attracted people who didn't care about investing, but we want to reward those who understand that the real benefit of our data, is the investment advantage we all get when it's pooled together. While we still see creating new investors as part of our long-term strategy, it's too early to deliver meaningful income to people in exchange for their data. We have to start small and grow together into that future.

Instead of offering Data Dividends, we intend to discount our investment strategy – all the way to free if you're a great contributor.

Before removing Data Dividends, we'll give everyone the option to either cash out (via Paypal) or transfer that money (plus an exclusive bonus) into a new Delphia investment account.

Data Discounts to help anyone invest for less

As mentioned above, we're planning on introducing subscription discounts based on what data you contribute. We're plan to start with a dead-simple model that's easy to understand: Connect three apps to pay zero fees. I'll share more information on Data Discounts soon.

Data Contests to win investment capital

While Data Dividends weren't the right fit because of the lack of meaningful income, we're still exploring ways we can run contests to get new people interested in investing and helping to increase our investment advantage by training our AI. We don't have anything concrete to discuss on this topic just yet, but we'll share more once we do!

Update Your App

To see the new experience, update the Delphia app in the App Store today.

If you don't have the iOS App, you can still invest by creating an account via the web.