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What is Delphia?

The name Delphia is derived from the Delphic maxim, to “know thyself.”

Delphia exists to reduce the complexity of decision-making and bring highly personalized recommendations to peoples’ lives. With so much information available in the world today, search has become a time-consuming process and is often biased to whatever we’ve clicked last.

And yet, what we click is only a small expression of who we are. By allowing people to answer questions about themselves (something we’re all familiar with), we get at the heart of what drives a decision, whether that be someone’s goals, personality, or their unique life circumstances.

Who are we?

We are a multi-disciplinary team of academic researchers, social scientists, data scientists, and engineers that are committed to simplifying decisions. We will never accept any form of compensation that aims to bias our recommendations and believe it should be easy for people to understand (and change) the inputs that led to our conclusions.

We believe that artificial intelligence and human cognition are complementary, not adversarial.



  • Interested in working at Delphia?

    Drop us a line! We welcome in particular applications from women, persons with disabilities, members of visible minorities, and LGBTQ+ persons.