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Our Mission
to restore sovereignty over our digital lives human experience.

We are all having a human experience. We are all traveling through life in our own unique way. Like fingerprints – no two journeys are the same.

Our experience will be different if we are born on one side of the world or another. It will change if we have to grow up quickly, or manage to stay forever young.

A life is made up of a billion decisions. Some small, some big. Some important. Some not. All of them uniquely our own. Somewhere along the way, we started calling these decisions “data”, but we should never lose sight of what they really are.

The sanctity of a life can be seen in our decisions – in the data we create. It’s in the places we go. The people we meet. And the things we choose. Most importantly though, it’s in the agency we practice when doing that choosing.

This is the essence of the human experience. It’s the freedom to choose. To apply our free will absent any influence.

And whatever steals from our choices – or takes away from our agency – runs contrary to human experience.

Our History


As a doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto, future Delphia co-founder Clifton van der Linden develops pioneering methods for extrapolating reliable measures of public opinion from Big Data.


Van der Linden founds Vox Pop Labs, which brings together an interdisciplinary team of social and statistical scientists in order to adapt the methods he developed to forecast real-world events.


Vox Pop Labs successfully predicts numerous electoral and referendum outcomes around the world, including Brexit 10 days before the vote.


Van der Linden partners with Andrew Peek to adapt Vox Pop Labs’ predictive models for use in market forecasting.


Delphia spins out of Vox Pop Labs as an independent company focused exclusively on forecasting market dynamics and is accepted into the Y Combinator program.

Delphia partners with one of the world’s largest asset managers to begin applying its forecasting techniques to financial markets.

Feb 20

Delphia closes its first round of financing with Lerer Hippeau (NYC), Golden Ventures (Toronto) and a series of Canada's most notable angels.

May 29

Delphia data scientists Mickael Temporão, Corentin Vande Kerckhove, and Clifton van der Linden publish “Ideological Scaling of Social Media Users” in Political Analysis.

Aug 28

Delphia closes an additional round of funding led by Real Ventures.

Delphia ceases conversations with hedge funds and announces its intention to help every investor improve their investment returns.

Jun 5

Delphia graduates from the Creative Destruction Lab's Blockchain/AI cohort.

Jun 12

Delphia becomes registered as an Investment Adviser with the SEC and moves its computing infrastructure to Canada.

Sep 19

Delphia files to become a Certified B Corporation.

Oct 31

Delphia becomes a Bronze Sponsor of the Vector Institute

Nov 5

Our Investors

Lerer Hippeau
Golden Ventures
Real Ventures
Creative Destruction Lab
Y Combinator

Our Partners

Vector Institute