It takes money data to make money

What we buy, say, and do moves the market. Your data is your investment edge.

You share spending data

you share

spending data

We'll find patterns

We'll find


We'll all invest better

We'll all

Invest better

Hedge funds get their edge by buying yourspending datasearch datalocation datarobinhood tradesfitness dataemail receipts

So we hired a hedge fund team to get your data working for you

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The goal is simple:
Beat the market... together

The investing game can seem rigged. You don’t get access to the best teams, the best machines, or the best returns. You don’t even get access to the best data — which is often your own. Until now.

Our algorithm spots trends in the data — and gets smarter when you spend

Connect your apps. By combining everyone's data together anonymously, we can spot trends in the data before others have caught on.

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