What if investors could get superior returns without paying fees?

We exceed expectations at predicting expectations.

Our approach

Greetings from the future. There’s lots of money here.

Powered by data and massive amounts of computational power, our algorithm makes predictions more than a year into the future.

Our investment strategy is designed to achieve its returns by making thousands of predictions, choosing the ones it has the most confidence in, and holding those stocks until the predictions resolve. Every few weeks, we make tiny adjustments to our positions – like adding 0.00141% more $NFLX, for example – as our predictive power grows.

Our featured portfolios

You don’t pick the stocks. Our algorithm does.

Delphia portfolios have broad exposure — between ~200 and 2,500 US equities depending on which one you choose.

We then compare our performance predictions to the opinions of other experienced investors in the market to uncover the differences in expectations.

We win when we are both contrarian and correct.


Start slow and let us prove to you what's possible.

The Delphia algorithm is the product of some fairly intense machine learning that relies on 15 billion data points to make predictions. It comes in 2 styles to meet the needs of different types of investors.

Delphia designs portfolios for edge-seeking investors who want to see something in action without betting the farm. Start with a small investment, commit to sharing your data, and let us show you what’s possible.



(Running live)

Strategy: Long, Global Balanced. This strategy is focused on investing in many types of assets worldwide to minimize risk.

Killer feature: Investors who desire risk customization can pay low minimums without worrying about fees.

  • Universe
  • 11asset classes
  • Minimum Investment
  • $10
  • Management Fees
  • None

Please read our disclosures.



(Running live)

Strategy: A long-only strategy of roughly 200 US Equities that are also household names which consumers interact with on a day-to-day basis.

Killer feature: By commiting to sharing their data, investors will have the chance to impact Delphia's Top 200 list by helping us improve our predictions.

  • Universe
  • ~200stocks
  • Minimum Investment
  • $10
  • Management Fees
  • None

Please read our disclosures.


What if you managed your data like you do your money?

This is the first time in history that data and money have been managed together. Yes it’s a wild idea, but Delphia was founded by people who are hell-bent on building a better, more inclusive future. We firmly believe that this is the path.

Our company was built from the ground up to be a trusted agent for both your investment dollars and your personal data. That’s not something Google or Goldman Sachs can claim.

What brings these worlds together at Delphia is our mission: To democratize prosperity by building a world where our data generates our greatest returns.

Are you an investor?

  • Do you prefer paying zero management fees?
  • Will you let our algorithm pick your stocks?
  • Are you willing to connect a few apps?
  • Think you can hodl for a year? 😉
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