Delphia is the world’s first AI investment strategy that anyone can improve with their data. We’re out to level the playing field.

You’ve always
suspected investing
was unfair.

And that won’t
change until we
change the game.

Reality Check №1

It takes money
to make money.

You can’t make a fortune without an edge. And you can’t get an edge without a fortune.
Reality Check №2

You are the product.

Wall Street is getting rich off all your data, not just your Robinhood trades.

If we want to play
bigger, we need to
pool our data.

Into a single algorithm that gets better with time.

How Delphia keeps investors aligned

Invest $20 for 1 year and we’ll prove to you what’s possible.

Too ambitious? Perhaps, but this is years in the making.

Join the algorithm today.

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