Frequently Asked Questions

Is any of my identifying information sold?

No. All identifying information is anonymized and used in aggregate with other users’ data. Your personal data is never sold to or shared with third parties.

How much can I earn?

Your reward varies and depends on a variety of factors, the most important being how many questions you answer honestly. Earnings can also vary depending on how many companies are buying predictions. You can increase your ability to earn a return by connecting more social media accounts and answering more questions honestly.

What's karma?

Karma is your share of the total pot of earnings. You can choose to exchange it for cash every quarter, or you can let it continue to grow in value.

Which social media accounts do you connect to?

At the moment, you can connect your Twitter account. We're going to add more types of accounts in the future to allow you to maximize your returns.

What questions do you ask?

Delphia allows you to answer questions on a wide variety of topics, such as personal finance, relationships, careers, and health, among others. You can always choose which of these questions you’re comfortable answering. There's no penalty for not answering a question.

How much work does this take?

Our question decks will never be longer than 10 minutes, and usually take about 2 minutes.

When do I get questions?

We release a new question deck every day at 4:45 EST.

What's the Delphia Portfolio?

The Delphia Portfolio is the amount of money that all of our clients have paid us in given quarter. This is the total pot that can be split up between all of our users, which we do every three months.

Do you have clients right now?

We do! We're already working with some of the world's wealthiest investing organizations.

How do you get more clients?

The more we can prove our predictions are accurate, the more demand there will be for them. As long as everyone is answering questions honestly and growing the community, our client list will grow.

When do I get paid?

Delphia needs a minimum number of users to make accurate predictions. Once we reach a certain level of accuracy, we can begin selling them and passing on the earnings to our users. In the future, you'll be able to see upcoming earnings dates in the app.

We'll offer payouts every three months, because this is how often quarterly earnings reports are released, which helps us verify our accuracy.

How do I get paid?

Once you’ve earned some returns, you'll be able to withdraw them from Delphia into a personal account.

What does Delphia get out of this?

Delphia takes a commission for each prediction sold. The rest of the earnings are divided between the users whose data was used for the prediction.

Am I going to get ads?

No, Delphia is not an advertising platform. Our revenue only comes from selling predictions.