Why are hedge funds so anxious to get their hands on consumer data?

Profit from your own data, for once.

What is personal data?

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Your data is valuable. Hedge funds buy it to give themselves an edge, but you don’t see a cent. Delphia wants to change that.

How our data is different

There is clean data.
And there is wishful

Their data

The data hedge funds buy is full of holes since the people they buy it from never really told you what it was for. But since it’s all they have, they need to do a lot of guessing to make sense of it all.

Our data

Our data is clean. Why? Because we told you the truth about what it’s used for. This unprecendented alignment gives us a more complete picture of how you’re interacting with all the companies in your life. Now multiply that by all of Delphia’s investors. Remember, we never sell or share your data outside of Delphia

Our data provides a clearer picture.

Our data advantage

None of us pick stocks as well as all of us can.

Your data will power our algorithm, which simulates how the economy will look more than a year into the future.

In effect, your data can tell stories about which companies will win, and which will lose.

Our data dividends rewards program

Open an account, start contributing and earn weekly rewards.

Delphia’s wealthiest investors are able to invest in the Delphia hedge fund because of their net worth. They go on to pay fees that are redistributed to you by subsidizing your investment fees and adding to the size of our Data Dividends reward program.

It’s a virtuous circle. One side pays with dollars, the other with data.

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Not just another fintech

We’re in this for more than money.

What the world needs right now is win-win for prosperity — not just another fintech company.

Yes, we have technical and financial expertise. Among the best, in fact. But Delphia’s vision is much larger.

As a data-contributing investor, you will be helping us build a company to redistribute wealth and take control over the greatest asset in your life – your data.

Are you an investor?

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  • Will you let our algorithm pick your stocks?
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  • Think you can hold for a year? 😉
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