A Letter From Our CEO

Headshot of the author, Andrew Peek

Andrew Peek

This isn’t about data.

This isn’t about the stock market.

This is about the way the systems in our lives are currently designed.

They are designed to concentrate wealth.

To manipulate us into buying things we don’t need.

And to leave the vast majority of us behind... slowly, but absolutely.

System design isn’t something we’re conditioned to care about. It’s overwhelming to get our heads around. We’d rather go about our day, putting food on the table, and satiating our curiosity. Simple pleasures over moving mountains.

But system design is everything. It’s the future that isn’t here yet, but that we’ve already agreed to. It’s the place where the waves will crash – each and every time – like clockwork.

Though our current system may be the best we’ve ever invented, it still has incredible flaws.

It rewards those who have capital more than those who have labor.

It rewards those with the power to compute, but not those who produce the raw material – the data these machines require.

It rewards breeding insecurity – a sense of lack inside of us – when it gets us to consume more, spend more, and perceive ourselves as incomplete.

And it rewards secrecy. Having valuable information that others do not.

Fortunately for us, we built a glitch into the system. It may not have been by design, but it’s there. Barely perceptible, but massively powerful.

And we can exploit it.

The entire system is built on predicting the future. On betting whether a company will rise or fall, or whether we will or won’t buy. It’s built on betting where the money will flow next.

Which is interesting when you consider that GDP – the measure of a country’s economic growth – is mostly (68%) made up of consumer spending.

Said another way, the things that you and I do with our money, are the questions of greatest importance to those in power.

How beautiful is that? How simple?

It means we have the potential to take that power back.

Delphia could have joined the long list of companies trying to predict your next move from behind a curtain, but what then? That would have been a company – maybe even a big one – but it wouldn’t have been an overhaul. We would have sold this simple realization far short.

Instead we have an opportunity to create a much bigger change. And all it requires is one small tweak to the way we go about our lives.

That we work together.

Because together we can predict. Together we can create an advantage. Together we can shift the balance of power.

We’re not here to make money, play the stock market, or take back ownership of our data. We’re here for all of it.

To bring back agency over our digital lives.

To change the system so that it can work for everyone.

To restore sovereignty over our human experience.

That’s what you should hold us accountable to. That’s why we’re building this. And if it ever seems like we’re veering from that path, please write to me directly at andrew@delphia.com.

Andrew Peek
CEO, Delphia