The "Data Dividend" Calculator

Headshot of the author, Andrew Peek

Andrew Peek

Delphia's mission is to restore sovereignty over our human experience. In part, this means we want to put your data to work for you.

In the world of finance, many investment managers pay a hefty price (millions of dollars) to gain access to alternative data – including the data that you produce by going about your day – in order to improve the investment strategies they can offer their clients.

However, the funds and investment companies with access to these unique forms of information are often inaccessible to everyday people, and as a result many of us miss out on participating in the financial upside that can result.

At Delphia, we want to give everyone access to these types of investment opportunities. To do this, we aggregate all of the data being contributed by our community in order to improve our predictions about companies and the trading strategies we use to take advantage of them. In turn, we reward our members for their data contributions by redistributing our fees.

Here's how we will do it:

  1. The opinions and data shared by our community provide unique, early insights into consumer trends taking shape in the population. As we gain confidence in the trends we are seeing, we begin to make smarter investment decisions based on these insights. For those investing money with Delphia, we charge a 2% annual management fee, half of which is redistributed back to those investing their data— thereby turning them into true financial investors. We call this a “Redistribution Fee” and feel strongly that this could have big societal implications in time.
  2. The money we redistribute to you, our members, is calculated based on the helpfulness of the data that you contribute to the community.  We call these distributions “data dividends” and each week, we rank our members based on how helpful they've been relative to everyone else.  Rankings depend on things like how often you share your opinions, and the kind of accounts you are willing to connect (such as Twitter).
  3. Based on your ranking, you receive a fraction of the fees that we collect from our investors. This is your data dividend and it is based on a combination of your weekly activities and your long-term commitment to the community. The higher you are on the leaderboard, the bigger your data dividend.

Once you've earned your data dividend, this money will be automatically invested into Delphia for you so that you can benefit from the same smart investment decisions that your data helps to create. This allows you to compound the wealth you generate from your data over time. Of course, you will also be allowed to withdraw your investment capital as well.

You can learn more about how Delphia works here.