Our Data Values

Headshot of the author, Andrew Peek

Andrew Peek

Here at Delphia, we work hard to earn and maintain your trust. That’s why we have implemented a set of data values that explain how we safeguard your private information, and what the rules are that govern our relationship with you.

Our data values define how we manage the information that you invest with our collective.  (You can learn more about our data stewardship practices in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy) Every day, we strive to work in complete alignment with your best interests and to make sure those interests are at the heart of our decision-making. Above all, we hope our values demonstrate our deep commitment to being ethical stewards of your data.

Our data values are simple and clear:

  1. Informed Consent: Your knowledge and consent are required for the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information.
  2. Ongoing Consent: You can only provide informed consent if you know the final application of your data. If the final application of your data changes, or if we want to use it for another purpose, we will do the work of requesting your consent again.
  3. Openness: We will make detailed information about our policies and practices relating to the management of personal data publicly and readily available.
  4. Security Safeguards: Your (and all) personal information must be protected by appropriate security measures relative to the sensitivity of the information.
  5. Limiting Collection: Any collection of personal information must be limited to that which is clearly stated. All information must be collected fairly and by lawful means.
  6. Limited Disclosure: Unless you consent otherwise, or it is required by law, your personal information can only be used or disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected. We only keep personal information as long as is required to serve those purposes.
  7. Fairness: We are committed to proactively identifying sources of bias throughout our discovery, design, and research work.
  8. Access: You have the right to access the information Delphia has recorded about you.
  9. Accountability: Delphia is responsible for the personal information under its control. Someone will always be accountable for the company’s compliance with these Values.

We know that these values are powerful. That’s why we wrote them. We started Delphia as a direct challenge to the status quo. With your help, we aim to build an investment collective that protects your role as an independent customer, while helping us to change how we work together in a way that is more secure, transparent and fair. If you have questions about the above, please don’t hesitate to email security@delphia.com.