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A Letter From Our CEO

This isn’t about data. This isn’t about the stock market. This is about the way the systems in our lives are currently designed. They are designed to concentrate wealth. To manipulate us into buying things we don’t need. And to leave the vast majority of us behind... slowly, but absolutely. System design isn’t something we’re conditioned to care about. It’s overwhelming to get our heads around. We’d rather go about our day, putting food on the table, and satiating our curiosity. Simple ple

Andrew Peek

December 4, 2019

Data Credits let you pay for Delphia with your data

In my last message [], I wrote about how we're retiring Data Dividends and adding a new way to pay for Delphia. This message goes into more detail about what you can expect. What are Data Credits? Investing with Delphia is the best way to capture the value of your data. As a result, we want everyone who contributes data to invest in the stock market with us. It makes Delphia better for everyone. For most people, Delphia costs $9.99 per month,

Cameron Westland

August 28, 2020

Introducing Data Vault

What is Delphia? Delphia is a service that lets you invest in a portfolio that gets smarter over time - powered by artificial intelligence. We use your data to train an AI which then takes care of trading and rebalancing your portfolio for you. For the moment, you can connect both your banking and social media data. Every week that you help train our AI, Delphia adds money to your investment account. By working together, we create an advantage even Wall Street can't stop. How does it work? 1.

Cameron Westland

August 10, 2020


Hello, world

As we come out of stealth mode, we’ve been delighted with the initial coverage we’ve received from leading publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, TechCrunch and the Globe and Mail.

Vass Bednar

December 12, 2019


Our Data Values

Here at Delphia, we work hard to earn and maintain your trust. That’s why we have implemented a set of data values that explain how we safeguard your private information, and what the rules are that govern our relationship with you.

Andrew Peek

December 9, 2019

The "Data Dividend" Calculator

Delphia's mission is to restore sovereignty over our human experience. In part, this means we want to put your data to work for you. In the world of finance, many investment managers pay a hefty price (millions of dollars) to gain access to alternative data – including the data that you produce by going about your day – in order to improve the investment strategies they can offer their clients. However, the funds and investment companies with access to these unique forms of information are oft

Andrew Peek

December 4, 2019