Invest with your data, not your money.

Your opinions, plans and behaviours can help predict the stock market. Answer a few short questions each day, and get rewarded with ownership in a valuable portfolio powered by Delphia's predictions.

Your phone number will never be shared. We use it to send you a link to download our app.
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Your information is worth more than you think.

Investors have been using data from people like you to make record profits. Delphia uses the same proven methods, but you'll share in the profits you help to create.

The smarter we get, the more you earn.

We combine everyone's answers to make predictions. The more you tell us, the more accurate these predictions get – and the more accurate they get, the more the value of the Delphia portfolio grows.

We don't sell or share your data – ever.

All of the information you provide to Delphia is stored and transmitted with the same kind of security that banks use to keep your data safe.

How does it work?

Tell us about yourself

Just download the app and answer some questions about yourself – it'll take just a few minutes. Delphia uses this information to understand you better and ask smarter questions. We'll never share anything about you publicly.

Start investing in minutes a day

Each day, we'll send you a short set of questions. We'll ask you about brands you like, purchases you've made, and the plans you're making. In exchange for your answers, you'll earn a stake in our continuously growing portfolio. You get the benefits of investing with no money required.

As we grow, everyone profits

We all make money when our predictions are accurate. As the community of people giving honest answers grows, so will our accuracy in predicting. The larger the community, the greater the profits for everyone.

The Delphia community

Delphia's predictions already have a proven track record, but we can still get better. The easiest way to make more accurate predictions is to grow the community of people who provide honest answers. Every question you answer or person you invite earns you ownership in our portfolio. You're building your future wealth in just a couple of minutes every day.