Investing used to take money - not anymore

Delphia is a groundbreaking investment collective that turns personal data into personal wealth.


They say it takes money to make money. What if it only took data?

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"The solution"

Find out what your data is worth

Data builds our collective intelligence and earns you investment capital. Use the sliders to see how it works.

How many people will use Delphia in 5 years?10 million
How much will you invest?Competitive
How much will you deposit initially? (Optional)$1,000
How much will you deposit monthly? (Optional)$100
How many people will use Delphia in 5 years?10 million
How much will you invest?Competitive
How much will you deposit initially? (Optional)$1,000
How much will you deposit monthly? (Optional)$100
Potential earnings with Delphia at year 15*$38,550
40% more thanRobo advisor$27,418
55% more thanTraditional advisor$24,830
* This calculator, and its , are provided to you for informational purposes only. It is intended to demonstrate the value of the data you contribute and the value of compounding. This is not intended to be a projection or promise of future investment returns or actual investment results.

How Delphia Works

Discover the value of your data.

We all know data is valuable – now you can take advantage of your own. Become a member and use your data to access the stock market.

Anyone can invest. Even without money.

Delphia redistributes half of the fees it collects to those investing their data. That’s how we turn your personal data into investment capital.

We are building an investment advantage

By finding trends in the data, Delphia can make smarter investment decisions for your portfolio. We act before others catch on.

building trust takes time – here’s where we start

Too few companies are straight with you about your personal data so here’s the truth of where we stand today and our commitment to tomorrow. As of today, you can count on the following:

  • • We use physically protected data centers to store your data
  • • We conduct external security audits to check for vulnerabilities
  • • Your data is always encrypted (at rest and in transit)
  • • Only authorized Delphia employees can access your identifiable data
  • • We have standard bankruptcy and deposit protection

Investor Rewards

Secure a Lifetime Rate

Delphia (USA) Inc. is offering a preferred lifetime management fee to our earliest investors. Tell us how much you wish to invest, now or in the future, and we'll show how you can accomplish that. In order to create an investment advantage for you, half of all fees will be redistributed to those investing their data.

Initial Investment
Next Available Management Fee
$0 @ 0.00%
Invest $0 today for an investment ceiling of
$0 @ 0.00%
These offers are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in their applicable contracts.

The science behind Delphia

Each day, thousands of our members tell us their opinions on important topics through the simple act of completing a survey. This gives us a deeply nuanced understanding of company trends, which we refine this further by asking members to securely privately share their data, such as their public social media posts.

This intelligence lets us make investing decisions based on highly accurate – and exclusive -- information. We can see trends that other investors can't, and it’s our members that reap the rewards.